Construction Damage Protection

During construction on your property, it's important to take inventory of your surroundings and protect your assets. S&S Tree and Horticultural Specialists can help you develop a plan to prevent construction damage to your trees in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Property values are often substantially enhanced by the presence of trees. S&S Tree can help you preserve that value by preparing your construction site. There is a lot that goes in to a new construction project, but we can help you take care of the outdoors. Our damage prevention services include:

  • Land Clearing
  • Soil Erosion Control
  • Tree Inventory
  • Root Pruning
  • Preparatory Treatments

When you can on us to prepare your property for construction, you win twice. Not only are you enhancing the value with new and modern construction, but you are preserving the value already inherent in the plants, trees, and landscaping.

Before you begin your next construction project, contact S&S Tree and Horticultural Specialists. Our ISA Certified Arborists® will help you preserve the most valuable trees on your property and prevent damage to your current landscaping.

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